Team BSS

Beneficial. Simplified. Solutions.

Welcome to Team BSS!

In the digital world every dream can be real, it's finding the way to get there that can be cumbersome. We believe in helping individuals and small businesses that have long term needs but with short-term resources.


Team BSS wants to understand what it is YOU want. To make way for the next generation, we want to share your dreams and make them reality.

Reach out to us with your dream. We want to help you:

  • getting started with streaming and content creation
  • building a computer
  • secure your infrastructure
  • find niche technologies to suite your specific business needs
  • automating and scripting time-consuming tasks
  • get started with cloud providers

ALL dreams are welcome!


Combined experience in a various IT fields

  • Network and Host infrastructure support and security via decades of support for globally reaching companies.
  • Cloud provider support with Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure platforms.
  • Scripting and automation via Powershell and Python languages and various platform integrations including but not limited to Ansible AWX and Docker.
  • We've been around the block searching for solutions, so helping you find a solution for your specific business need is no problem.
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